A Short Little Wonderful List

Things that are currently making life wonderful:

1. Going to movies solo. Yeah I did it. Nobody would go see Pitch Perfect with me, so I took myself on a date! Judge me. It was awesome. I had an entire theater by myself (with the exception of two little old ladies that kept talking in Spanish) and nobody was there to witness the embarrassing display that was me singing along with “Fat Amy,” laughing (very) loudly, and smiling like an idiot when everything works out in the end.

Although now that I’ve told you all of that, I guess it is like I went to the movies with all of you.


That being said, don’t knock it till you try it.

2. Lillie’s Coffee Bar in Neptune Beach. It’s where I am currently writing and enjoying green tea. Always sit outside, you can’t beat the atmosphere.

3. My best friends.

3a. Hey, everyone, look, this is Brittany! She’s my very oldest friend, and she is newly engaged! Also she is funny and sassy and a hot ginger, which are rare. She shoots pretty pictures and I am her Maid of Honor (crazy bridezilla stories to come, I am sure).

3b. Happy birthday Sam! I’m not exactly sure when we became best friends, but I like to pinpoint the night we bought Smirnoff Ices from that sketchy gas station next to UNF and had a two-person party at your apartment. Game of Things was involved I’m pretty sure.

3c. Also David. He’s just great. (Sorry).

David loves Taylor Swift…

4. This blog, aptly titled Lazy Girl Running, is my new inspiration to hit the pavement lately. I can relate to her transformation from a habitual couch potato (current me) to a marathon runner with a true love of running (future me……hopefully).

5. Christmas. 42 more days. Just throwing that out there.

6. My school. UNF has been a lot of things for me the past 4 years. There’s so much I can’t bear to think about leaving behind.  It’s a beautiful wonderful underestimated place, and it reminds me of me. Emphasis on the beautiful.


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