The List + A Political Rant (sorry.)

Things that I am loving today:

1. Chilly mornings….kind of. I guess I’ve been down south too long when I consider 70 degrees “chilly,” but I’ll take it.

2. Malala Yousafzai

3. This song on the radio at 8 a.m.

4. My to-do list. It’s transforming from homework assignments and fraternity socials into resume building and internship searching. Scary but thrilling.

5. The whole “paint one nail a different color than the rest of your nails” trend. Accent nails are all the rage on Pinterest.

6. Throwback Thursdays on Instagram.

7. This blog. It’s written by a mom/boxer/superhero, and even though I am absolutely none of those things, I still feel like I can relate/laugh/enjoy, in all of my childless/nonathletic/messy glory. Plus her kids are super cute.

8. Fresh Market. Get the strawberry spinach salad and never eat salad the same way again. Also you can eat chocolate chip cookies and feel good about yourself because they’re organic.

9. All things Halloween. I LOVE holidays, and I want it all. Hocus Pocus (starring a young/pre-Manolo SJP), pumpkin carving, pumpkin seeds, cheesy yard decorations, so on and so forth. I may or may not be found in a candy corn coma in a week or so.

10. All things political.

I am 99% sure most won’t love this one as much as #9.

You know when your Facebook timeline and Twitter feed get inundated with posts and retweets and shares of those obnoxious partisan political posts, and you just want to shut it all off until after the election?

Not me.

In fact, I am probably the one clogging up your online social life with said political posts. Sorry. I just get so excited. Election season is to me what the Olympics are to basically everybody else. I love seeing it all. I love having CNN and MSNBC and CSPAN on, watching debates and speeches and commentary. Occasionally I’ll even watch Fox News, just for giggles.

I even love seeing my Republican friends’ opinions in my newsfeed (Sidenote: Hi my elephant-loving friends. Love you all. Now please stop referring to President Obama as a socialist/Muslim/moron/America hater. He’s not. XOXO).

I can understand supporting Mitt Romney.

What I cannot understand is not being interested in the process at all.

I stayed after work the other night to eat dinner and have a glass of wine……and because my car was out of gas and I was waiting on my superhero boyfriend to come pick me up…..

So there I was, enjoying my pinot noir and the second presidential debate, and one of the other servers came to hang out and watch it with me. We started discussing politics, and she asked me a question I still can’t get my head around:

“So when do we get to vote?”

….You are a fully-grown woman, and you don’t know when Election Day is?*

It hit me that all of those sarcastic posts about how my friends hate seeing politics on Facebook/Twitter/television are symptoms of a much larger problem.

A lot of us just simply don’t care. Leave us be, Barack Obama! Get off my Twitter feed, Mitt Romney! I just want to see pictures of shoes and dinners with a sepia filter please!

But how can you have such a sense of apathy? So many things, so many necessary, important, bigger-than-us things, are in our (perfectly manicured with an accent nail) hands?

I doubt that any of my most likely three readers are so out-of-touch/uninterested in the upcoming election that they won’t vote. After all, if you have no desire to use your right to participate in our democracy, you probably won’t care to read the scatterbrained musings of a college senior with a Starbucks addiction.

But if I still have your attention, and you don’t feel the need to vote in a few weeks’ time, please refer to #2 on my list. I think it will put some things into perspective.

*Election Day in the United States of America is Tuesday, November 6th.


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