The List

Things that are currently irking me:

1. Bad drivers.
2. People who know they are bad drivers, and insist on texting anyway.
3. Cowboy boots. They belong on the farm, and on the tackiest of country concert-goers. NOT on college campuses.
4. Bad tippers. Can we start teaching how to tip in middle school? 20% if it was a good meal. 15% is the bare minimum, and 10% if I completely ignored you and set your tablecloth on fire. I make $3 an hour, the extra couple bucks won’t kill you. And if it will, don’t eat out. The end.
5. 1-800-ASK-GARY commercials.
6. Paul Ryan.
7. Bad Halloween candy. Nobody likes your nasty hard candies, just buy Twix.
8. “That Person.” The one that you have in every class. The one that feels the innate need to answer every single question the professor asks with a personal story in a know-it-all kinda way.
9. When people start packing up their belongings before class is over, and before the professor has stopped lecturing. Hashtag rude.
10. “Sexy” Halloween costumes. Stop. Just stop.


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