Fried chicken and gay marriage.

My thoughts on the Chick-fil-a/gay marriage controversy:


It’s no surprise this organization promotes “Christian” values. It’s closed on Sundays (a major inconvenience to hungover college students everywhere, I might add). It is a shame that Mr. Cathy does not support love in all forms. Sad, but not a surprise.

I am a supporter of gay marriage. This is another topic for another blog.

I am also a supporter of fried chicken sandwiches with pickles and waffle fries (my thighs can attest to this fact).

But now Americans have blurred the lines between a huge, monumental civil rights battle and a fast food restaurant. An asinine comparison between patronizing a restaurant and making a political statement.

Why can’t I just enjoy my #1 with a large sweet tea and lots of Polynesian sauce AND my liberal stance on marriage?

Eat what you want.

Marry who you want.



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